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Mastering skills (contd. from last week)

Financial Management Skill

Learning to manage your finances more strictly and carefully is also ideal to

avoid potential conflict related to money issues. It is better you master the

skills of managing resources at this stage and even more appropriate to invest

and save for the future especially in times like this. Avoid unnecessary

spending and start planning ahead for your future.  Always know that the

latest wears or devices get outdated in a matter of time. Get only the

essentials and try to be independent and be prudent when it comes to


Preparing ahead of time and getting your finances in order is a way to ensure

you are moving forward in the right direction even before you are officially


Time Management Skill.

Your time is one of the most important resources you can ever have, once a

second is gone, it can never come back. At this moment in life, use your time

judiciously, plan like you are already about to raise a family and you need to

master this. Invest your time on something worthwhile. Engage yourself with

some quality lucrative Godly skills relevant to be used in the future or even

now to add to your income flow. Don’t indulge in time-wasting entertaining

activities or viewing irrelevant entertainment which are indirect distractions.

Always make a plan for daily activities by drawing up a time-table. Use your

time like the ants in Proverbs 6:6-8.

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