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When you are considering the option of getting into a relationship, it is

essential to ensure you are ready and prepared mentally, spiritually,

financially and emotionally. Maintaining a successful relationship requires a

few skills that should be worked on prior to getting into it, to ensure a lasting

relationship that might graduate to marriage.

Communication Skill:

Communication is one of the most important skills to master. Ensuring you

are both capable of communicating openly and honestly at all times is a way

to work through potential issues or problems you may need to overcome as a

couple in the future. It’s better to discuss everything before making any

decisions rather than having problems later because you didn’t say exactly

what you wanted or what you were going through before. Having the ability

to communicate your true thoughts and feelings without becoming defensive

is also beneficial not only for marriage, but also other relationships in your

everyday life.  It is better to talk about things you want the person you are

interested in to know rather than keeping them from him/her because it may

not help the situation, it will create problems in the future. In some cases, you

can pray to God on the issue you wish to discuss with the person you have

interest on so that God will prepare the mind of that person to receive it

without any conflict.

Do not make assumptions especially when considering an interested party.

Drawing conclusions without discussing it with someone you have interest in

is one big mistake.

Always back all communications up with prayers because God is the only

revealer of secrets and truth. You also need to follow the leading of the Holy


Financial Management Skills:

Learning to manage your finances more strictly and carefully is also ideal to

avoid potential conflicts related to money issues. It is better you master the

skills of managing resources at this single status and even more appropriate

to invest and save for the future especially in times like this. Avoid

unnecessary luxurious spending and start planning ahead for your future

home.  Always remember that the latest wears or devices always get

outdated within a short while. Get only the essentials and try to be

independent and be prudent to have enough to manage your future dream

home with the right partner.

Preparing ahead of time and getting your finances in order is a way to ensure

you are moving forward in the right direction even before you are officially

married to your new spouse. (to be contd.)

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