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” And said, By myself have I sworn, saith the Lord, for because thou hast done

this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son: 17 That in blessing I

will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the

heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess

the gate of his enemies;18 And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be

blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice. 19 So Abraham returned unto his

young men, and they rose up and went together to Beer–sheba; and Abraham

dwelt at Beer–sheba.” Genesis chapter 22: 16. 16

This was God and the man Abraham when he was about to slaughter Isaac and

God stopped him. Then the Lord began to say some things. (16, 17 and 18) and

God said, ” By myself have I sworn saith the Lord, but because you have done this

thing … ”

Because you have done, how many things? One. Because you have done ‘this one

thing’, then God switched on for good.  The Lord will switch on over your life for

good. Amen.

God said “In blessing, I will bless you” in fact He first of all said, because He could

swear by no other, He swore by Himself, saying, ‘I will bless you. The Lord will

bless you. Amen.

Abram did so many things in his life, this was that one great thing that attracted

an eternal and divine blessings from God.

There is one thing you can do that can change the equation for your life.

This nation would have been in great turmoil now, very great turmoil if President

Jonathan had not conceded defeat and if he had not congratulated the winner.

Because of that one thing, that one thing destabilized the system. Because of that

one thing, just one, he stabilized the system and took away tension. For ones,

Nigerians abroad were very happy, they were very proud. For ones, all world

leaders were proud of Nigeria. For ones, you are happy as a Nigerian. For ones, if

you take your passport now to anywhere, respect will improve. Because of that

“one thing”. Praise the Lord.

“My son, forget not my law. Let your heart keep my commandments. For lent of

days(one), long life (2), peace(3) shall he add to you, let not mercy and truth

forsake you, bind them about your neck, write them upon the table of your

heart, so you’ll find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man.

Trust the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding, in all

your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path. Be not wise in your

own eyes, fear the Lord and depart from evil. It shall be help to your naval, and

marrow to your bones.” The word of God.  And be health, the word of God, and

add long life, length of days, peace, favour before God and man. Proverbs

chapter 3:1_8.

“Thus sayeth the Lord, caused be the man that trusts in man and make flesh his

alm. And whose heart departs from the Lord, this man will be like the heave in

the desert, this man will not see when good comes but will inhabit the patched

places in the wilderness, in a soft land and not habited” Jeremiah 17: 5

Before we go forward, what was the offense of the man we just read in verse 5?

He is just trusting in man. Now verse 7: blessed is the man that trusts in the Lord

whose hope is in the Lord. He shall be like the plant planted by the water that

spreads out her root by the river, and shall not see when heat comes. But her leaf

shall be green. And shall not be careful in the year of draught, neither shall seize

from yielding your fruits.” This will be your story. Verse 5: cursed be the man that

trusts in man. Verse 6 and 7 talks about “blessed is the man that trusts in the


The question is; who do you trust in? Who you trust in determines whether you

are blessed or cursed. Cursed is the man that trusts in man. Thank God, God

didn’t say, Cursed is the man that trusts in a bad man. Let’s expand it. ‘Cursed is

the man that trusts in a good man because a good man is still a man. Cursed is the

man that trusts in a righteous man, a righteous man is still a man. Cursed is the

man that trusts in a man of God, a man of God is still a man. Have you not seen

how the outcome of election has ridiculed so many prophets? Grade A, first class

ridicule. 99.9 percent gave the opposite. It has embarrassed so many bishops. Has

cut to size and humbled men of God. Why? Cursed be the man that trusts in man.

When a man trusts his rich uncle, in reality, why is he trusting him? The riches.

When you trust your rich uncle who is a governor, what are you actually trusting

in? The position. When you are blanked out and you are distressed and depressed

and you rise with some confidence. Am going to meet my pastor, am going to

meet our bishop, you are cutting God off from the equation. That will not be the

story of your life. “Cursed be the man that trusts in man” when my husband

comes, money comes. Abi?? Years ago, one of our friends, the wife calls the

husband ‘okunrin meta’, in english, language it means 3 men in one. Anytime he’s

around, she’s confident. One day, okunrin meta was not in the house, armed

robbers came, and as they came, she was wishing that her husband was around

to deal with those rascals. As she was wishing, her husband drove in. Those

rascals, saw him, they dodged. Okunrin meta came in with his brief case, just from

the office, as he passed from the back of the door, they emerged, and they put

the ‘truth’ by his neck. You know the ‘truth’?? When the man felt the metal, and

saw that he was surrounded, he looked around, took a piece of cloth put it on his

head. That’s a way of saying, ‘my eyes will not see evil’ , so when those guys saw

that he has already covered himself, they left him there, ransacked the house for

about 35 minutes, then they left. Okunrin meta remained on the same spot, he

didn’t move anywhere, he didn’t cough, when they left, the wife went to meet

him where he was standing, you know, during the wedding, it was the husband

that unveiled the wife, but this time around, the wife now unveiled the husband.

Listen, who was she trusting on? Now, is there confidence in such a man? Cursed

be the man, that trusts in man.” The bible now describes the dynamics of this in

the supernatural. Jeremiah 17 from verse 5.  You must make spirit your armour.

(And whose heart departed from the Lord) verse 6: Is shall be like the heave in the

desert. Such man who has been cursed, will not see when good comes.” Good is

coming, but he is not seeing it, he is not perceiving it. He will not see. From today,

you will see. When a man cannot see, what’s wrong?  Unbelief, extinguish

spiritual sight. In the school of upthamology, do you know the eyes can be opened

but it cannot see? For vision to be actualised, there must be a connection

between the eyes and the brain. By the same token, in the realm of the

supernatural, for blessing to be actualised, there must be a connection between

the heart of man and God. From today, you will see. Amen. From today, you will

perceive. From today, you will sense things the way God senses them in the name

of Jesus. (to be contd) Culled from Pst. Bola Odutola 2015

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