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In The Beginning

“Then God brought Abram outside beneath the nighttime sky and told

him, ‘Look up into the heavens and count the stars if you can. Your

descendants will be like that-too many to count!’ And Abram believed

God; then God considered him righteous on account of his faith.”

(Genesis 15:5-6)

After the creation account in the Bible, we are privy to the story of

Adam and Eve, their fall from grace, their oldest son Cain’s murder of

his brother Abel, and their expulsion from paradise. We are only four

chapters into Genesis at this point, and already, we could easily

become discouraged.

But, wait. You don’t have to go far to become hopeful, because a few

chapters later, we are introduced to Abraham. At age seventy-five, God

called this wealthy landowner to leave his home in Haran, and journey

to Canaan. To do this, Abraham had to give up his home, possessions,

and ties to his people. It would have been much simpler to stay put,

remain wealthy, and live a life without challenges, but Abraham trusted

God to give him a new and wondrous beginning.

And what did God give to Abraham, as a result of his trust and faith?

God made him the father of Israel; his descendants were like the stars

in the sky; at the ripe old age of 100, he and his 90 year old wife, Sarah,

celebrated the arrival of their first child, Isaac, and Abraham

accomplished all that God asked him to do.

We, like Abraham, are called. God has a purpose for each of us. And

when we obey that call, He equips us with everything we need, and

sends us on a journey of new and wondrous beginnings.

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