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Welcome into 2017, the much awaited year of promises kept. We rejoice in him because he is our way maker, miracle worker and promise keeper.  For those who God had promised Interventions, gifts and blessings in time past, watch out because they shall become flesh this year.  Ancient doors will be forced open this year and new opportunities shall come up for those walking according to his will and purpose.

For us to enter into all he has prepared for us, then we must be well positioned to receive. 2016 was difficult for many; characterized by job losses, recession, sick businesses etc. For the heirs of salvation, all those difficulties were shedding of dead layers of our lives so that the new which God has prepared shall burst forth. Hence, we need to walk closely with him that he might lead us rightly into that which he has prepared for us.

Psalm 32:8 – I will instruct and lead you in the way thou shall go, I will answer you with my eye upon you. I awoke on December 25th to receive an agitated call from my sister.  And what was the call about? She was confused if her decision to relocate to America is right or wrong.  I wondered how in heaven’s name I am supposed to answer her question, but thank God for the word of God; together we were able to navigate through to the right decision.

Like my sister, many are filled with fears, anxieties and agitation about their economic survival. According to her, business is down having lost her banking job a year ago. ‘I need money to pay my bills; customers are owing and not ready to pay. I can’t continue this way; I just have to do something about it.’ She cried.

Her decision to relocate was conceived through fear and agitation and I can say that God is not in that equation. When we give in to and allow pressures to make decisions for us, we go off from the path of life, we walk away from his divine plan. One thing I am certain of is that God will not go where he has not sent us. If we don’t go with his presence, then life becomes full of toiling and hardship. Moses declared in Deut: 33 v 15 that if the presence of God will not go with them, the Lord should not take them up.

During that conversation, my sister kept making references to others who took the plunge and left the country in search of greener pastures. We should not make major decisions solely because someone you hold in high regard took that route or because larger number of people tilted to a certain direction. That the Lord led a family to relocate does not indicate we should follow suit and do the same.

The Lord is the only one who knows about our respective life journeys and he is the only one we should consult when making life transforming decisions so our story will not be like that of Naomi who left her God ordained location because of recession only for her to return almost empty but for the mercy of God.

This encompasses every area of our lives – marriage, business and investments, relationships and partnerships, ministry and career. Irrespective of how hopeless a situation may seem, God has a way, he has a solution, he has a plan. As heirs of his kingdom, we can approach him for clear cut directions in times of confusion and difficulties. We are not expected to navigate the detours, bends and twists in our journeys using our limited mental knowledge.

I feel strongly in my spirit that irrespective of the economic climate of 2017, it is that year prayers of yester years that have been offered up on God’s holy altars will receive answers; prophecies will be accelerated and brought to pass. So, we should not allow pressures, worries and anxieties sift us and throw us out of the place he expects  to find us.

That we are following God’s path does not mean we will not face challenges, but we are confident that his way will ultimately lead us into a place of rest and abundance.  Make sure you don’t make a move until he has spoken. Many have shipwrecked their life journeys because of a hasty decision. Be patient for the Lord to speak.  WAIT! I say again WAIT! Be certain the Lord is the one guiding you in all your ways this year.

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